8 Super Useful Tips and Tricks for Dating on a Diet

8 Super Useful Tips and Tricks for Dating on a Diet

Whether it is the first date or the tenth it is important that you strike the right chord not only with your date but also with your food. Your eating habits can make an indelible impression on your date more so if you are on a diet.

Here are 8 useful tips that can make the experience really smooth and memorable.

  1. Honesty is the best policy: It takes a lot of willpower to stick to a diet and hence don’t belittle yourself but proudly state that you are on diet and can eat only certain foods. Being honest always wins brownie points.
  2. Check the menu before you visit the restaurant: Hence, check out the menu ahead of time and decide what you will eat. This gives you the upper hand as you can decide a menu that suits your diet at the same time interesting enough for your date.
  3. Know the culinary vocabulary: Terms like pan-fried, braised and creamed mean more fat and more calories. Instead opt for dishes which state they are steamed, baked, broiled and grilled.
  4. Control the portion: Most of the portions served in restaurants are way high on the calories. Hence, enquire if they serve smaller portions; in case, they don’t, share your meal with your date.
  5. Reduce your alcohol intake: The cocktails will sneak far too many calories into your system than you realize. Hence keep the alcohol content to around 2 glasses for men and 1 for women.
  6. Cooking at home: Show off your culinary skills while being in total control of what goes into your mouth.
  7. Exercise: Sometimes things don’t go as planned but if you can burn off the extra caloriesworking out then it is not too bad right.
  8. Eat a protein snack before a date: Empty stomach can mar a date with its audible growls and your deteriorating mood. A high protein snack will keep you full till you are ready for your limited portions.

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