May 18, 2018

How to give a lasting impression on your first date

Your brimming with happiness at the thought of meeting the guy you have been talking about, texting, messaging, chatting and imagining … finally, your day of meeting the real dream fantasy guy has arrived. Sounds like it would be a thrilling experience, right. You’re nervous that this is the first date. We don’t know how he turns up – but this is How to give a lasting impression on your first date luck!

  1. Hear what he speaks keenly – Something you’re taught from childhood. This time pay attention to every word he speaks. How embarrassing if you ask a question that he already answered. He gets an impression that you don’t care and you do not want that. This is one important first date to make a lasting impression.
  1. Don’t brag about yourself – No matter how much you love yourself and your achievements or your blissful life, don’t be a chatter box. It gets annoying after a while to listen to only one side when he does not get a chance to talk about himself. So, allow him to talk and talk equally lengthy time.
  1. Avoid Dead Air – When you’re talking and listening and then talking again, its a good flow. But when this stops all of a sudden and there is an awkward dead air, it gives an impression that both are getting bored. Keep the conversation going but short and clear.
  2. Pay Attention – Never let your attention wander away – may be an aroma you enjoy, or an outstanding guest, or remembering something you forgot to do, whatever it is this is not the time and give all of your attention to him.
  3. Eye Contact – Important thing with everybody, so maintain eye contact with him too!

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