January 11, 2019

The 13 Best Things About Having a Boyfriend

Have a boyfriend? Here are 13 reasons why it can be better than buying a yls at luxtime:

  1. Fun – Having a boyfriend can be a lot of fun as you can do many new things together.
  2. Chance For Love – It may be a casual affair but there is a good chance for you both to fall in love or experience love in a different light.
  3. Someone To Care –To know you are cared for is a very special feeling.
  4. Go Out With – You have someone to go out with for parties and those special occasions where you need a date.
  5. Make Plans – You both can make plans and keep yourselves busy. You need not wait for someone to invite you to be a part of their plan.
  6. Pay You Attention – You have someone to pay you attention and fawn over you at all times.
  7. No Dull Moment – There will hardly be a dull moment in your life, you are wither busy going out, having fun or making plans for all the free time you both have.
  8. New Experiences – He can help you have new experiences. When you are a couple you tend to do things the other person likes and he can introduce you to a few new ones.
  9. New Places – As you run out of places to go to, you start exploring new places.
  10. Do Things Together – You can do many things together and enjoy it in a different light.
  11. Understand Others –This is a chance to understand others. You will make the effort to understand him and his point of views.
  12. See Yourself Differently – You will be doing a lot of things that will surprise you and you get to see yourself in a different way. Probably how he sees you.
  13. Understand Self – This is a great chance to understand yourself. The way you treat him, situations and react to instances will teach you more about yourself.