September 30, 2018

The Power Habits Of happy Relationships

Relationships do not subsistthemselves:

That is one of the attributes of the relationship. They cannot survivethemselves. If you think that you as a person and what you are in a relationship can exist independently then you will be in for a rude shock as time will pass.

As a psychiatrist who has been dealing with cases of marital discord and relationship bitterness, I can safely vouch that there needs to be proactivity in your relationship on a day to day basis. You cannot live a life that excluded each other and at the end of the day whine that it is not working out for you!

Here are three different ways you can reconnect with your partner in order to begin having a more fulfilling relationship like before:

  1. Date nights:

If you think that the spark between the two of you is missing and things are not exactly how they were or ought to be, then now is the time to rekindle it. Go on a date night allyourself and make sure that you enjoy a candlelight dinner or a quiet evening to yourself in a soothing environment to be able to unwind and bring it all back. A couple of times or random dares may not work wonders but you need to beat it. You will see results if they comeslowly.

  1. Show respect for each other:

Being compassionate for each other and supportive of each other’s activities is a sine quo non of a successful relationship. You will see that you are getting there together when you have no grudges about each other’s shortcomings and that you are ready to embrace them with all their flaws. Again this may not necessarily manifest in a couple of sessions but you will eventually get there with conscious practice.

  1. Share positive attributes to the world:

Telling the outside world and choosing to highlight only the positive attributes of your partner not only sends out a signal that things between you are on the healing path but also the fact that you will begin to believe in it and appreciate them for what they are. No one is perfect and you will need to understand that things that are not going as per your wishes are only because the other person is a different person and form a different background perhaps. Nothing that is wrong is done on purpose.

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